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What Our Corporate Partners Are Saying


                                                                “During the pandemic, it’s quite difficult to show                                                                       our clients how much we appreciate them when                                                                     we’re unable to see and/or meet with them.  For                                                                     the holiday season of 2020, it was of utmost importance for KPMG to show appreciation for our clients.  Frances + McKee delivered far beyond expectations.  Their responsiveness, logistical execution, and of course, the gift boxes were superb and much appreciated by our clients.”

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“Lindsay and Katie planned and executed our holiday gifts with the highest level of quality despite the short timeframe we had. We have received many comments on the uniqueness and thoughtfulness of the packages. For a busy time of year for all, I highly recommend Frances + McKee for holiday gift packages.” 


"Frances + McKee has become a lifesaver for me! They’ve handled all of my gift-giving from client closing gifts to Christmas gifts to teacher gifts, customizing each gift to my specifications and budget. My clients are always so impressed with the unique and local items that they pick for each box. Supporting local businesses is a huge part of my brand and there’s no one better than Lindsay and Katie to entrust with this task."

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                  “Working with Frances + McKee has elevated our client                           gifting.  The customization of each box allows us to cater
                   to all of our clients interests and professions. Katie and
                   Lindsay guided us through the process of creating the
                   perfect gift box with professionalism and thoughtfulness. 
                   We have received nothing but great feedback from our
                   clients.  We look forward to using Frances + McKee for
                   years to come.” 

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“What can I say, these two sisters are amazing! We gave them the task of putting together 180 gifts for our clients and they exceeded all of our expectations. It was truly a pleasure to work with them and we look forward to using them again in the future. I would recommend Lindsay and Katie to anyone.”


“Lindsay and Katie provide personalized service when creating gift boxes for individual celebrations and corporate groups.  They took the time to meet with me to discuss ideas and budget then brought so many great options - it was hard to pick the best presentation!  I recommend Frances + McKee to anyone looking for personal or professional gifts.  The process is so simple and they’ll guide you the entire way.”

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"Frances + McKee delivered exactly what I was hoping for - a stand-out gift that was truly appreciated, leaving a lasting impression.  Client gifting is so important.  I made one call and knew immediately I could trust them to get it right, and they did.  I'll be using Frances + McKee for all our future client gifting."

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