By Candlelight

Great things happen by candlelight. Whether you're devouring a new book, writing a letter to a loved one or enjoying a night cap, do it in the soft light and sweet scent of one of our most popular candles. Don't forget to extinguish the flame with our gold candle snuffer!

By Candlelight

Candle Scent
  • * Bouquet Tin Candle: Gardenia & Coconut Milk or Citrone Star Jasmine, 11.8oz
    * Frankie & Claude Fancy Matches: Custom colored matches in a corked glass jar with match-striker is affixed to the bottom. Approximately 75 matches in each jar.
    * Gold Candle Snuffer 
    Gold Cast Nesting Bowls: Set of Two

  • Each Frances + McKee gift box and note is personally packaged upon ordering. Please allow up to 72 hours for your order to be processed and shipped.

Jacksonville, Florida     

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