Neat with a Twist

Take Happy Hour to the next level with our "Neat with a Twist" box.   Stir up a new recipe out of the Hacking Whiskey book and keep it cool with the silicone ice mold and whiskey stones.  Your bar cart will be the star of the show!

Neat with a Twist

  • Hacking Whiskey Book: Aaron Goldfarb - whiskey enthusiast - shares hawking tips, recipes, and insider secrets about the weird, yet delightful ways in which whiskey is being used today.

    Whiskey Cooling Stones, Men's SocietyHandmade in Great Britian, each cooling stone is chiselled from volcanic rock for a cool, sophisticated way to enjoy a glass of malt. Each set contains six cooling stones and the stones are reusable.

    W&P Peak Single Sphere Mold: The Single Sphere Ice Mold makes one large ice sphere, perfect for your favorite spirit or cocktail. 

    Viski Cocktail Jigger: Cast in lustrous stainless steel with a band to seperate its one ounce and two ounce sides. The interior is scored with pinpoint mixology measurements (1.5, 0.75 and 0.5 ounces). 

    Leather Coaster Set: Set of four black leather coasters. Perfect place to rest your signature cocktail. 

    W&P Mini Craft Cocktail Set: Take W&P's signature craft cocktail syrups on-the-go with this pocket-sized pack. Each 1 oz bottle is designed to make two classic drinks—just add a shot of the hard stuff and stir!

    Shotwell Caramels: 1oz. Original Salted Caramels. This buttery soft caramel is infused with barrel-aged bourbon, vanilla extract and then finished with crunchy Celtic grey salt.


  • Each Frances + McKee gift box and note is personally packaged upon ordering. Please allow up to 72 hours for your order to be processed and shipped.

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