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It’s been said a smell can bring back a memory and a song can transport you to a place in time.  We believe the same holds true with a gift.  A positive gifting experience creates memories that last long after the gift is received.  

We’re Katie and Lindsay - sisters and owners of Frances + McKee. We share a love for all things thoughtfully organized, freshly prepared and uniquely personable.  But even more so, we share a love for giving - birthdays, holidays, events and particularly “just because.”  It’s an act that brings joy to both the gifter and the gifted.  Our boxes are designed to offer a personal, creative touch to your gift without the necessity of driving all over town to curate these items.  Let us help you take hold of the many opportunities to brighten the days of those around you.

"Every day is a special occasion!"  - Ann Wells

... and we happen to agree! 


Lindsay S. Eyrick

Lindsay Skinner Eyrick is Co-Founder of Frances+McKee.  A graduate of Vanderbilt University, Lindsay began her career in marketing with a unique opportunity to work for the Jacksonville Super Bowl XXXIX Host Committee before transitioning to work for Regency Centers, a national REIT, handling their marketing and national account relationships.  Through these experiences, Lindsay developed a keen sense for business strategy, client relationships and intentional outreach.  Employing her love for spreadsheets, writing and behind the scenes number crunching, Lindsay spearheads our Corporate + Events program and office happenings.


Most of the time you can find Lindsay baking, working in the yard, running with Spiller - the family’s Boykin Spaniel and with her husband, Chris, watching their three girls do what they love on the sports fields.  She is passionate about her work with the Rethreaded organization and finding time to read on the porch…and coffee, always coffee!


Katie S. Farrar

Katie Skinner Farrar is Co-Founder of Frances+McKee.  A graduate of the University of Georgia, Katie began her career in Washington, DC   working in marketing for a boutique consulting firm.  After a brief stint in Charlotte, NC, Katie made her way back to her hometown of Jacksonville, FL to manage the marketing efforts of Rogers Towers Law.  Here she mastered the importance of client relations and intentional outreach.  Staying true to her meticulous note-taking, passion for organization, drive to discover all things new and unique, Katie spearheads the product sourcing side of Frances + McKee. 


When away from the office, you can find Katie on the tennis courts with friends, at the fields with her husband, Bois, watching their boys play lacrosse and baseball or sitting on her front porch with Lexi - the family Brittany Spaniel - researching new products!  And if you offered her a blood orange margarita (extra salt), well then the day is complete!

The Meaning Behind Frances + McKee

What’s in a name?  For Frances+McKee…a little bit of everything!  


As sisters, our family roots run deep.  Frances and McKee serve as our given middle names, which were passed down from generations before us.  When we were still “Frances and McKee” living under one roof, we spent most of our time organizing and reorganizing our shelves, rearranging furniture and playing “store.”  In high school, we devoted 90% of our study hours to writing and rewriting notecards until we were happy with the handwriting and pen-color choice.  


Fast-forward 20 years and pen-color choice still matters.  We still arrange and rearrange shelves, live and die by our label makers and look for ways to insert creativity into everyday tasks.  But, instead of “playing” store, we’ve created a real one that we’d love to share with you!


Frances: origin - French and English; meaning - free one, to be free

McKee: origin - Irish and Scottish; meaning - generosity, joy and loyalty

Frances + McKee
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