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It’s been said a smell can bring back a memory and a song can transport you to a place in time.  We believe the same holds true with a gift.  A positive gifting experience creates memories that last long after the gift is received.  

We’re Katie and Lindsay - sisters and owners of Frances + McKee.  We share a love for all things thoughtfully organized, freshly prepared and uniquely personable.  But even more so, we share a love for giving - birthdays, holidays, events and particularly “just because.”  It’s an act that brings joy to both the gifter and the gifted.  Our boxes are designed to offer a personal, creative touch to your gift without the necessity of driving all over town to curate these items.  Let us help you take hold of the many opportunities to brighten the days of those around you.

"Every day is a special occasion!"  - Ann Wells

... and we happen to agree! 

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